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Grumichama Recipes  —  Eugenia dombeyi

The Grumichama is considered by many to be the “queen of the eugenias”.  It is a lovely compact tree which needs a moist, acid rich soil and is very slow to produce.  However, the fruit is cherry sized, deep red in color and as delicious as any northern cherry.  It does well in south Florida and can withstand temperatures as low as 26 degrees.



  Grumichama Juice    

Put washed, mashed grumichamas in kettle.  Add water to cover.  Cook 10 minutes.  Drain through jelly bag.  Can be sweetened to taste.

  Grumichama Ice      

 6 cups grumichamas, washed
11/2 cups sugar
½ cup water

Remove seeds by cutting fruit in half.  Squeeze the fruit to a pulp.  Boil sugar and water together until sugar dissolves.  Put grumichama pulp in freezing tray.  Cool sugar syrup.  Pour over grumichama and freeze.

  Citrus Soup with Grumichama    

4 cups grumichamas, washed, seeded with sepals removed
11/2 cups orange juice
¼ cup lime juice
1 Tbsp. honey
11/2 cups ginger ale

Combine 2 cups grumichamas, orange juice, lime juice and honey in blender.  Process until smooth.  Stir in remaining 2 cups grumichamas and ginger ale.  Chill thoroughly.

  Grumichama Jelly      

6 cups washed grumichamas
½ cup water
1 pkg. pectin
4 1/2 cups sugar

Cut grumichamas in half and put in large kettle with ½ cup water.  Mash and stir to release juice and cook, after bringing to a boil, for 10 minutes. 
Strain through jelly bag.  Measure 31/2 cups of juice.  Put in kettle and add dry pectin.  As soon as mixture boils, add sugar.  Return to a boil, and continue to boil for 1 minute.  Remove from heat and skim off foam.  Pour into sterilized jars