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Varieties of Camellias We Have at the Farm
  Name Flower Color Flower Size & Shape Growth Habit    
  Abby Wilder II 1939 white w/ flesh tone pink med full double peony    
  Ack-scent 1977 HY shell pink w/ yellow anthers med formal double to peony form/scented med/upright    
  Alba Plena 1792 white w/ no visible stamens lg to med formal double bushy/slow    
  Betty Ridley 1969 HY Tyrian rose pink med to lg formal double upright/open/slow    
  Betty Sheffield Supreme 1969 light pink to white w/ wide coral rim peony form med/upright    
  Bill Boll 1985 white w/ bright yellow anthers lg anemone to peony form med/upright    
  Black Gold 1982 black red w/ gold filaments & red anthers sm to med semi double med/compact/dense    
  Blood of China 1938 rich bright red w/ reticulated darker vein/short golden stamen lg semi double loose peony compact/globular    
  Blue Danube 1960 lavender rose pink med peony form vigorous/compact    
  Blush Abby light pink    
  Blush Beauty pink w/ white med formal double    
  Bobby Fain 1992 clear bright red w/ red radial veining lg semi double to anemone med/upright    
  Bobby Fain (variegated ) dark red w/ white blotched marbling lg semi double to anemone med/upright    
  Buttermint 1996HY creamy white w/ pale yellow center/scented mini formal double/loose peony/profuse bloomer med/upright    
  Button & Bows 1981HY delicate pink shading to darker pink at edges sm to med formal double w/ fluted petals  compact/bushy slow 6'-8'    
  Buttonere dk pink    
  Cambria 1975 rose red to variegated  pink semi double to loose peony vigorous/med density    
  C&y Cane 1963 white striped w/ red semi double to loose peony vigorous/compact/upright    
  Caprice 1930 dark pink w/ creamy white med full peony vigorous/upright    
  Cara Mia 1960 blush pink shading to darker center med to lg semi double w/ visible gold stamen vigorous/upright    
  Carter's Sunbrust 1951 pale pink w/ random darker pink stripes semi double to peony to formal double med/upright    
  Charlene 1962     bright translucent pink w/ lavender overtones/yellow anthers semi double  fast/upright/spreading    
  China Doll 1960 blush white w/ coral pink rim lg semi double/peony form/loose fluted petals med/compact    
  Christmas Beauty 1959 bright rose red lg semi double w/ fluted petals vigorous/upright    
  Christmas Beauty (variegated) red w/ white blotches lg semi double w/ fluted petals vigorous/upright    
  Cinnamon Cindy 1967 HY white center w/ pale rose pink outer petals/orange anthers miniature to small peony form open/spreading/upright    
  Cinnamon Scentsation 1982 HY pale pink w/ yellow anthers fragrant/single med/open/spreading    
  Cornelia Walden 1972 lavender/light pink lg anemone form med/upright    
  Dad's Pink pink w/ red stripes double bushy    
  Debutante 1930 clear cotton candy pink lg multi layered peony form 12'-15' med/upright    
  Deep Secret 1987 cardinal red w/darker veining/lemon yellow anthers semi double           med/upright    
  Delores Edwards 1985 HY light orchid pink w/ bright yellow anthers lg semi double peony form vigorous/upright    
  Dixie Night Supreme 1962 deep red/heavily marbled w/ white lg semi double vigorous/compact/upright    
  Don Mac 1951 dark red w/ yellow anthers med to lg semi double to loose peony upright/med    
  Dr. Tinsley 1944 soft pink  w/ deeper shaded edges/yellow anthers incomplete semi double 10'-15' lg/upright/round/compact    
  Drama Girl 1950 deep salmon pink w/ bright yellow pollen anthers enormous semi double w/ ruffled inner petals/15' vigorous/pendulous/open    
  E.G.Waterhouse 1955 HY light pink formal double w/ many rows of petals fast/upright    
  Ess pink    
  Esther Smith 1983 white w/ pink med to full peony form med    
  Ethel Davis 1947 clear pink w/ white w/ intermixed stamens lg loose incomplete double vigorous/erect    
  Fire Falls 1953 bright vivid glowing crimson red lg to med loose double to full peony form open/upright    
  Florence Stratton 1941 primarily white w/ some solid pink petals formal double w/ no visible stamen vigorous/bushy    
  Fragrant Jewel 1998 HY bright pink/scented  various anemone to peony med/upright    
  Glen's Orbit 1962 HY light pink w/ deep rich purplish pink/sm stamen lg semi double to peony form lg/upright 8'-12'    
  Glen 40 cherry red formal double slow/upright    
  Goggy pale pink semi double med/upright    
  Govenor Morton 1934 oriental red w/ splotches of ivory med semi double loose peony form 10'-12' wide/spreading/willowy    
  Grace Albritton 1967 white to blush pink tipped w/ darker pink edge sm formal double w/ no visible stamen bushy /upright    
  Grace Bunton 1946 deep rose pink margin fading to creamy white lg semi double rapid/compact/upright    
  Grape Soda 1978 purplish red w/ prominent yellow stamens sm to med w/ single flower rapid/upright /open    
  Gunsmoke 1959 valentine red w/ prominent yellow stamens very lg semi double 8'-10' med/upright    
  Gus Menard 1958 white w/ distinctive canary yellow center lg loose peony average /upright    
  Happy Holiday 1972 light pink to white med formal double med density/upright    
  High Fragrance 1985 HY pale ivory pink w/ darker pink edges/yellow anthers med semi double to peony/scented open/upright/spreading    
  Hollybrite 1981 glossy salmon red lg semi double w/ holly shaped leaf strong/compact/upright    
  In The Pink 1971 soft rose pink formal double med/bushy    
  Jacks 1963 med rose pink med formal double med/compact    
  Jordan's Pride       pink    
  Jury's Yellow 1971 ivory guard petals encircle a mass of distinct yellow petaloids sm to me da nom one form fast/compact/upright    
  Kramer's Supreme 1957 vibrant coral pink huge ruff ley peony shaped flowers 6'-10' strong upright /slow    
  Lady Laura 1969 pink w/ rose red variegated stripes/yellow anthers semi double med/bushy/upright    
  Lady Vansittart 1887 white to blush/r&om striped to rose red or pink med semi double minor serrations at edge 10'-12' upright/compact/slender    
  Lassie 1977 light red w/ white/yellow anthers lg anemone rapid /upright    
  Laura Walker 1953 intense bright cherry red w/ white flecks lg semi double to anemone form narrow/compact/8'-10'    
  Lavende Prince II 1967 HY deep orchid w/ yellow anthers semi double fast/open/arching    
  Lemon Glow yellow formal double    
  Leslie Ann SAS white w/ raspberry pink covering the tip of each petal formal double to semi double profuse bloomer dense/compact/6'-8'    
  Lilly 1890 white w/ pink spotted or lined med formal double    
  Little Man 1953 white w/ pale light pink shading sm formal double rapid/compact/upright    
  Lover Boy 1972 deep red very lg semi double rapid/open/upright    
  Macon red    
  Mansize pure white miniature to sm anemone form    
  Marie Bracey 1951 coral rose w/ random light pink & white blotches med semi double compact/bushy/upright    
  Mark Chason 1975 dk red w/ orange cast/light red anthers lg semi double rapid/upright    
  Mary Agnes 1959 china rose pink lg double rose form rapid/upright/open    
  Mathotiona 1847 rosy red very lg formal double vigorous/compact/large    
  Miss Biloxi 1956 white med rose form to double peony slow/bushy    
  Miss Lillian 1994 creamy white bordered in pink med formal double vigorous/upright    
  Moonlight Bay& 1976 very light orchid pink very lg semi double med/bushy/upright    
  Morning Glow 1943 porcelain white flowers w/ overlapping petals formal double w/ no visible pollen anthers compact/upright/columnar    
  Nancy Lynn 1985 rich pink med formal double rapid/dense/spreading    
  Nuccio's Cameo 1977 soft coral pink lg formal double med/upright/dense    
  Nuccio's Jewel 1974 white shaded to orchid w/ pink edge med loose to full peony form slow/bushy/dense    
  Omega 1968 blush white edged w/ coral rim lg semi double fast/bushy    
  Peter Pan 1947 creamy white center shading to blush w/ orchid pink overtones lg semi double to peony form med/compact    
  Pink Perfection 1700's pale pink w/ no exposed yellow stamen med perfectly formal double upright/compact    
  Pope John XXIII 1959 white    
  Prince Eugean Napoleon 1859 vivid cherry red lg perfectly formal double med/compact/upright    
  Prince Fredrick 1865 delicate light pink med perfectly formal double vigorous/erect    
  Professor Sargent 1908 intense scarlet red densely rolled inner petals/peony form 10'-15' compact/ tall /upright/slow    
  Punkin HY rose pink outer petals shading to light pink center formal double vigorous/med/columnar    
  Purity 1878 white med/upright    
  R L Wheeler light pink w/ occasional deeper pink markings huge semi double anemone form open/upright    
  Rebel Yell 1953 white w/ red speckles & stripes lg semi double/twisted & curved med/upright    
  Robinhood III 1944 bright red med semi double    
  Romany 1936 bright rose red formal double med/upright    
  Rosa Plena 1829 rose red lg formal double vigorous/compact    
  Rose Dawn 1942 deep rose pink lg formal double vigorous/compact/strong    
  Royal Velvet 1983 velvety dark saturated red w/ showy yellow stamens lg semi double vigorous/compact/upright    
  Satsuma white  formal double    
  Sawadas Dream 1953 white shading to delicate pink med sized full formal double    
  Scented Sun 1983 HY white w/ occasional pink stripe lg semi double/visible golden anthers rapid/upright    
  Scentsation 1968 silvery pink peony form compact/upright     
  Sea Foam 1989 white  formal double to peony form/sunburst stamen vigorous/compact/dense    
  Seboldi red    
  Spring Festival 1970 HY med pink shading to light pink center semi double rose form narrow/upright/dense    
  Springs Promise 1989 coral red w/ prominent yellow stamens single flower/long bloom time/free bloomer  5'-8' compact/upright/dense    
  Strictly Beautiful   pink/white    
  Sweet Jane 1987 pale pink center shading to deeper pink outer informal double to formal double peony flowers freely    
  Sweet Pea 1958 light pink    
  Sweetie Pie 1990 blush pink w/ one or more red stripes/yellow anthers lg semi double vigorous/upright    
  Tama Electra 1993 red w/ white rim small to med single vigorous/compact/upright    
  Tama No Ura red w/ white rim med single    
  Taylor's Perfection 1968 HY glowing lavender pink w/ golden yellow anthers lg semi double / formal/ heavy bloomer open/upright 8'-10'    
  Tomorrow 1950 strawberry red lg incomplete irregular double/peony form 8'-10' rounded/open/pendulous    
  Tudor Baby 1997 dark Red petals edged w/ black formal double vigorous/compact/upright    
  Walighter D. Bellingrath 1953 light pink to rose pink very lg incomplete double to loose peony vigorous/upright/spreading    
  White Emperess 1943 pure white w/ a mass of yellow stamens lg semi double/free flowering med/upright    
  Wildfire 1955 orangy red w/ yellow stamens lg semi double fast/upright    
  Name Flower Color Flower Size & Shape Growth Habit  
  Bonanza mulberry red peony form slow/mounded  
  Coleoptera light lavender      
  Cotton Candy pink   med/bushy  
  Dream Girl 1966 HY light pink very lg semi double/irregular    
  Kanjiro fuchsia semi double fast/upright  
  Leslie Ann 1958 white w/ raspberry pink covering the tip oh each petal formal to semi double/profuse bloomer dense/compact/6'-8'  
  Mine -No -Yuki 1891 white w/ orange anthers sm semi double to irregular double med/willowy/spreading  
  Northern Lights 1970 white w/ pink edge w/ yellow anthers single fast/upright  
  Rosea 1931 light pink w/ clustered stamen single med/upright/open  
  Shishi Gashira 1905 bright rose red w/lively yellow center peony form slow/mounded 4'-6'  
  Snow on the Ridge 1891 white w/ orange anthers sm semi double to irregular double med/willowy/spreading  
  Sparkling Burgundy 1957 hot raspberry semi double med/arching  
  Stephanie Golden 1987 hot pink w/ yellow anthers med semi double med/upright/dense  
  Yuletide 1959 true fiery red w/ contrasting bright yellow stamens single 5'-10' dense/upright vertical/slow  
  Yume HY white w/ pale pink stripe semi double slow/mounding